Wealth Creation


Our Member Organisations understand their role within the regional economy, and through the AHSN NENC, have been very supportive of mobilising their collective expertise in support of economic growth. All of this fits with the 2011 HM Treasury Plan for Growth in terms of contribution to the UK economy by the public sector and is reflected in our licence with NHS England. We have, since our inception, focussed our Wealth Creation programme on mobilising the assets within our Trusts, CCGs and Universities to attract and grow business within the region.

Economic growth can be driven by ideas and products that arise from within the NHS which have commercial potential and also through the development of products and services by companies through access to NHS expertise and markets. To address this, we have developed and successfully implemented The Innovation Pathway. This is our way of articulating the bespoke services that are provided in a cohesive and efficient fashion to NHS organisations and industry. We are delighted that The Innovation Pathway will be implemented beyond our region and is set to be adopted by the national AHSN Network.

The AHSN NENC promotes and supports innovation at all stages from the culture that underpins innovation in the NHS through to adoption and dissemination of proven technologies. The Innovation Pathway is our way of illustrating the various elements of the support we provide:

Each of the components provides a link through to the work we are doing to support activity in that area and to the organisations we are working with.