Light Therapy Treatment for Degenerative Sight Threatening Conditions

PolyPhotonix are a North East company based in Sedgefield who are pioneering the use of light treatment for degenerative sight-threatening conditions caused by age and diabetes. Their Noctura 400 sleep mask provides a non-invasive light therapy treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy. 90% of Type 1 patients and 67% of Type 2 patients will develop Diabetic Retinopathy within 10 years of diagnosis. Current treatments are expensive and highly invasive; laser treatment or intraocular injections, which can cost up to £10,000 per eye per year.

There is clearly an urgent need for a product that is able to tackle this disease, and has the potential to deliver effective, repeatable, value for money treatment with an improved patient experience. The sleep masks prevent damage caused during sleep by hypoxia, or a lack of oxygen, when the eye adapts to darkness. This in turn prevents the growth of abnormal blood vessels, which are a symptom of the disease and contribute to loss of vision.

PolyPhotonix have won a variety of awards from industry bodies in recognition of their innovative work. The AHSN NENC have provided support including access to clinical insight and advice from staff in our Trusts, and continue to work with PolyPhotonix in helping to identify other clinical areas where the light therapy products might be utilised.

Light Therapy Treatment for Degenerative Sight Threatening Conditions: Case Study

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