A Multicentre Improvement Project to Standardise the Application of the RCP FallSafe Care Bundle

Programme Lead: Rachel Carter

This programme is a regional, multicentre improvement programme to standardise the application of the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) FallSafe Care Bundle, to support the testing of falls prevention interventions commonly used within the acute trust setting. The Lead Trust is The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals who will work collaboratively with South Tees Hospitals and County Durham and Darlington Hospitals.

The programme aims (Phase 1) were:

  • To lead a high profile falls improvement collaborative programme with selected local Trusts within the Regional Falls Task Force Group.
  • Use evidence to support increased implementation of the FallSafe Care Bundle as recognised by the RCP
  • Implement leadership and cultural change across organisations to change prevailing culture that ‘inpatient falls are inevitable’ to ‘falls are preventable’.
  • To work collaboratively, sharing data, learning and improvement stories of each organisation, as part of an alignment to the NE Regional Falls Task Group, and the Sign up to Safety campaign.
  • To deliver transparency of data, with all participating Trusts collecting and submitting and monitoring a core data set
  • To standardise the criteria on who is assessed (e.g. all adult in-patients, patients 65 years old and over) and when (e.g. on admission, on transfer, post fall etc.)
  • To ensure all Trusts meet a standard reporting criteria of ‘what is a fall?’ and report bed days in a standard format so that comparisons of falls and harm/1000 bed days is accurate
  • To identify the current elements in each Trust’s falls care bundle to ensure all Trusts comply with a standard care bundle (FallSafe)
  • Once compliance against the care bundle is understood, identify 1 or more single falls prevention interventions to be implemented and tested for their reliability in preventing falls
  • To test interventions as part of a regional, North of England and national quality improvement approach and measure improvements overtime to be shared through a peer review journal.

Programme Resources

A multicentre improvement project to standardise the application of the RCP FallSafe Care Bundle: Case Study

(case study uploaded 4th October 2016)

Programme Update Presentation

Project Aims: Phase 2

The project aims (Phase 2) were:

  • To monitor sustainability of Project I outcomes and learning on the 6 wards at NUTH with continuing audit.
  • Introduction of the Falls Care Bundle used in project I on all Medicine/Care of the Elderly wards at RVI and FH (12 wards in total). The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) FallSafe audit tool will be used to establish areas for improvement on each ward and then Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles will be developed to aid improvement.
  • The RCP audit tool will be used to monitor compliance with all elements of the Falls Care Bundle.
  • To see a reduction in falls per 1000 occupied bed days on all project wards.
  • To see a reduction in falls resulting in serious harm (falls graded moderate, major or catastrophic) per 1000 occupied bed days on all project wards.

The results of phase 2 of the project are currently being evaluated and a report will follow.

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