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Evaluation of Health Call Undernutrition Service

Undernutrition affects an estimated three million individuals, 93% of whom live in the community (Russell 2009). If untreated it increases risk of illness, clinical complications and death (Brotherton 2010).  Undernutrition triples mortality in older people in hospital and after discharge (Stratton 2006), and impacts patient experience / outcomes whilst costing the UK economy over £13 […]

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Assuring Quality of Care in Nursing Homes – Hydration Monitoring Solution

Dehydration is associated with poor outcomes such as falls, constipation, urinary tract infections, increased hospitalisation and mortality. Dehydration in older people is one of the top 10 common reasons for hospital admission and has a significant financial impact on the healthcare system. Yet dehydration in older people can be easily prevented or treated with an […]

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Evaluation of telehealth monitoring in pregnancy using a multimatrix, multipartner model

The project will evaluate the clinical application of simple Telehealth technology using the NHS ‘Florence’ system in patient-directed, home management in two common pregnancy-related problems: mild pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) and gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Pilot work undertaken at Sunderland Royal Hospital over the initial 18 months has confirmed feasibility. This was a collaborative, multi-agency, multidisciplinary […]

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Improving prenatal diagnosis and management in Cumbria by telemedicine

A core purpose of antenatal care is the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of the ‘at-risk’ fetus using ultrasound. When a problem is detected by an ultra-sonographer (e.g. a fetal anomaly or a small baby) the mother is referred to a local specialist or the regional Fetal Medicine (FM) Centre in Newcastle for confirmation of the […]

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The Participation and Health Improvement of Children and Young People with Type 1 Diabetes

The UK has the fifth largest population of children and young people with Type 1 diabetes in the world and the North East has one of the highest populations in England. There are particular concerns relating to the care of young people with Type 1 diabetes, the complications of which often leads to them failing […]

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Cumbria Rural Health Forum

The Cumbria Rural Health Forum brings together more than 30 health and social service organisations, technology companies and voluntary enterprises to address particular issues faced by rural communities in accessing healthcare. The project supports the development of a formal structure, supported by a web based project repository, dissemination site and project management resource through a […]

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