A New Approach to Hosting Pre-Hospital Clinical Trials

This project aimed to create an identity for the region as a preferred host for pre-hospital studies by leading on a national consensus for efficient pre-hospital research governance standards and through development of innovative data capture processes.

The delivery of this project was split into two work packages. The first defined through stakeholder consensus a research governance training process for paramedics which reflected study design, interventions, patient safety and clinical service pressures. The second package has been supported by Silverlink Software Ltd in the development of an efficient and secure transfer of information between the North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust and secondary care providers to facilitate capture of research data.

 Project Resources

Case Study Work Package 1 – A new approach to hosting pre-hospital clinical trials: Developing research governance awareness

Case Study Work Package 2 – Creating Automated Data Flow between Ambulance Services and Hospitals

Poster – Development of research governance awareness training to support pre-hospital studies Poster from November 2014 AHSN Stakeholder Event

NEAS Training Site

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