Cumbria Rural Health Forum

The Cumbria Rural Health Forum brings together more than 30 health and social service organisations, technology companies and voluntary enterprises to address particular issues faced by rural communities in accessing healthcare.

The project supports the development of a formal structure, supported by a web based project repository, dissemination site and project management resource through a single rural health portal. A programme of at least 4 Forum events, including open innovation workshops for strategy development, professional development and public education/awareness sessions have been held.

Outcomes of the project include a completed Strategy and case studies to show evidence of influencing; matched funding for implementation projects; implementation projects involving both public and private sector partners.

Project Resources

 Cumbria Rural Health Forum: Case Study

Cumbria Rural Health Forum: Poster

November 2014 presentation – Stakeholder event

September 2015 presentation – Telehealth Project Updates Event

Cumbria Rural Health Forum web page

Digital Health and Social Care Education & Training

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