Self-Management in COPD

COPD has been consistently identified as a cause of preventable admissions. This project will work on best practice for COPD through a focussed intervention to improve annual reviews, self-management plan uptake and screening for anxiety and depression.

The primary innovation is a focussed intervention in COPD, established as best practice, in a short timescale that has a high potential for “quick wins”. The project is supported by links with pharmaceutical companies who have a support intervention designed to augment patient use of self-management plans.

During routine COPD reviews, in addition to implementing best practice and empowering patients, there is scope to incorporate a face-to-face aspect by inviting patients to consider volunteering for clinical research. Education on the trials process and incorporating research interest from patients at annual primary care COPD reviews will break down the perceptions that identifying potential research participants is distinct from routine clinical care.

Project Resources

Self-Management in COPD: Case Study

Self-Managment in COPD: Poster

Powerpoint From November 2015 Workshop

 COPD case study image  244 - Mike Scott

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