Loss in Multiple Pregnancies Support Toolkit

This project translates the results of a recent research study into a professional resource toolkit for neonatal staff dealing with parents who experience loss from a multiple pregnancy. There is a very specific set of issues for parents who have lost a baby from a multiple pregnancy who may find themselves supporting a living sibling whilst suffering the loss of another.

A recent study showed that professionals often lacked the knowledge and skills to effectively support parents. Ineffective interventions at this crucial stage can lead to secondary issues later such as family breakdown, mental health issues, heightened anxieties, negative effects on siblings and overall negative health impacts.

The project also undertook a review of existing resources for parents and health professionals to enable the production of written guidance for health professionals on how to improve care for those parents going through this particular experience.

Project Resources

Loss in Multiple Pregnancies Support Toolkit: Case Study

Loss in Multiple Pregnancies Support Toolkit: Poster

The toolkit consists of a set of guidelines and associated training pack. A leaflet has also been prepared which provides an overview of the guidance available for healthcare professionals supporting bereavement from a multiple pregnancy. These resources are available below:

Guidelines for healthcare professionals (a short survey needs to be completed before the guidelines are accessed)

Guidance leaflet

 tiny lives case study image  22 - Judith Rankin

(case study uploaded on 3rd December 2015)

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