The overall aim of our Respiratory Programme is to reduce the burden of COPD for patients, healthcare professionals and the NHS. It comprises three main elements:

  1. An education programme incorporating a ‘back to basics’ approach for assessing and empowering patients in the community. This includes the development and delivery of a novel, accredited training programme for community based practitioners as well as a range of e-learning modules to support learning for all as well as professional re-validation for nurses.
  2. The development of a primary care based Respiratory Interest Group aiming to share innovation, expertise and best practice across the region.
  3. Working in collaboration with the British Lung Foundation to run respiratory seminars for patients, raising their expectations of the care they should expect to receive.

The following resources provide an overview of the programme:

The following reports were undertaken in conjunction with the North East Quality Observatory Service (NEQOS):

The following report is A Qualitative Audit of Spirometry Services In Gateshead CCG

To find out more about the Respiratory Programme please contact the Programme Lead, Sue Hart: