Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs)

The AHSN  works with the regional Local Enterprise Partnerships to deliver jobs and growth in the region.

There are three Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) that span the geography of the AHSN, namely the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, Tees Valley Unlimited and Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership.  The Strategic Economic Plans for each of the regional LEPs focus upon the important contribution that the life science and healthcare sector can make in terms of economic growth given the large GVA and employment footprint, as well as the major manufacturing capacity in the region.  As such, the life science and healthcare sector is a critical area of focus for the LEPs.

As a result of this strategic focus and the significant European funds that are being awarded to the region as part of the European Programme 2014 to 2020, it is imperative (and of mutual importance) that the wealth creation activity of the AHSN is aligned with the Strategic Economic Plans of the regional LEPs. As such, the AHSN will dedicate a significant amount of time and resource to engagement with the regional LEPs.

We will focus our engagement with the LEPs in the following areas: –

Smart Specialisation

Grand Challenge