Intellectual Property

Ensuring all the necessary steps are in place for protecting new ideas on the journey to the healthcare marketplace. For existing intellectual property, effective portfolio management is provided, ensuring the ongoing maintenance of protection.

Key Features:

  • Searching of existing products and patent applications in the public domain, to assess the scope for protecting the idea
  • Assistance with the preparation and filing of patent applications
  • Copyright, design rights and trade mark assistance
  • Management of existing intellectual property portfolios
  • Some funding may be available from the AHSN for the drafting and filing of UK patent applications, trademarks and registered design applications


  • Improvement of the chances of securing investment when it is required, as well as facilitating the successful commercialisation of ideas
  • Provision of a strong competitive advantage leading to increased commercial returns, as well as contributing to regional economic growth
  • Porfolio of commercialisation opportunities for exploitation by industry, lead into the development of new and improved products and services for improving patient care, as well as contributing to economic growth

Pathway in Action

Left Radial Support Sling

Arterial Fixation Device

The Improved Flowmeter