The Service will ensure that new ideas are effectively captured and assessed to maximise the chances of successful commercialisation of new products and services, as well as reducing the loss of valuable ideas, with the ultimate aim of improving patient care. The assessment of ideas at this stage of the process ensures that only those ideas with a real and valid opportunity for positively impacting upon healthcare are progressed. This service is primarily delivered by our partner organisations, NHS Innovations North and the NIHR Clinical Research Network for the North East and North Cumbria, on behalf of the AHSN.

Key Features:

  • A thorough assessment of ideas in terms of their originality and commercialisation potential
  • A thorough assessment of ideas in terms of epidemiology, clinical need and health economics


  • Provision of a clear, complete and impartial view concerning the value and validity of ideas, enabling them to decide upon which areas to focus
  • Prevention of the loss of ideas from the originating organisation
  • Concentrate resources on ideas with highest possible impact
  • Using the NIHR Clinical Research Network: North East and North Cumbria to access partners within the local clinical communities, who can provide early feedback on ideas and collaborate in their development

Pathway in Action

Innovation Scout Scheme

Left Radial Support Sling

Arterial Fixation Device

The Improved Flowmeter