NHS professionals will receive the necessary training to support and encourage the development of innovation and stimulate the creation of ideas, as well as driving a culture for innovation within their organisation.  A programme of training for ‘Innovation Scouts’ embedded within innovative NHS organisations will be provided in order to foster this approach.

Key Features:

  • Delivery of intellectual property workshops to facilitate the widespread knowledge of intellectual property and its importance both in relation to patient care and in terms of the creation of wealth
  • Provision of invention-spotting workshops to facilitate the identification and harvesting of new ideas as well as an understanding of the associated intellectual property
  • Provision of problem identification workshops to assist with the identification of unmet clinical and healthcare needs, solutions to which may be available within the private sector


  • Building a strong innovation culture within NHS organisations to encourage and show appreciation for innovation, whether it is eventually fully realised or not

Pathway in Action

Innovation Scout Scheme