Raising the profile of the proven innovations as well as the organisations they originate from, will promote wider and faster uptake, adoption and market impact.

Key Features:

  • Provision of access to the wider Academic Health Science Network to ‘spread the word’ and implement new products and services across healthcare organisations in England and potentially overseas
  • Provision of assistance with the development of bespoke dissemination and implementation strategies
  • Delivery of technology transfer and action planning stakeholder workshops
  • Implementation of bespoke conferences covering specific topics, for example telehealth and mental health applications
  • Supporting the adoption of new clinical best practice and developments via the NIHR Clinical Research Network North East and North Cumbria and their partner NHS organisations


  • Increase of the rate of adoption of proven innovations, leading to early revenue generation
  • Supporting an increase in regional economic wealth
  • Acceleration of the availability of high quality patient care across the region and beyond

Pathway Case Study

Light Therapy Treatment for Degenerative Sight Threatening Conditions