Delivery in NENC

In the North East and North Cumbria, we deliver the Patient Safety Collaborative programme by:

Supporting Programmes of Work on National and Regional Key Priorities

In 2015 we supported 7 programmes of work, mapped against the National PSC priorities and of Regional relevance. In 2017 we funded 11 new projects on maternity, mental health, transfer of care, medicines optimisation, falls, end of life and telehealth. We collaborate with the Health Improvement and Wealth Creation AHSN’s programmes to support ongoing projects.

The ability to demonstrate the work we do is crucial; as a result, we collaborate with North East Quality Observatory System (NEQOS) on the measurement of the programmes of work.

Supporting a Regional Leadership Infrastructure

Regionally we set up a Patient Safety Collaborative and Quality improvement Executive and Advisory Boards with regionally and nationally recognised healthcare professionals across the system.

Building Capacity

Our programmes of work have a strong focus on building capacity of healthcare staff in the region. For example, the region is building capacity in Quality Improvement methods through Q. It is also supporting the Maternity and Neonatal Health Safety Collaborative which is building capacity for safety and quality improvement in maternity units.

Stakeholder Engagement and Dissemination

Each programme holds relevant meetings and we also deliver a number of regional events. Details of which can be found on the AHSN NENC events diary. We disseminate our work by reporting metrics, case studies and press releases. We encourage publication in the British Medical Journal Quality and the use of the Quality Improvement LIFE platform to consolidate the work regionally and nationally.

Alignment and Endorsement of National Initiatives

The Q Initiative: The North East and North Cumbria was one of the three regions in the country to pilot the regional recruitment of the Q initiative, recruiting 120 new Q members. Please visit our NENC dedicated Q to find out more.

Sign up to Safety: This initiative helps NHS organisations and their staff to achieve their patient safety aspirations and care for their patients in the safest way possible. Endorse the national initiative.