About the Innovation Exchange

Welcome to the Innovation Exchange for the North East and North Cumbria, a mechanism for showcasing health innovations both from the NHS and industry, which have led to improvements in patient safety, quality and outcomes and efficiency. Initially, the vast majority of innovations included will have received Innovation Pathway support from the AHSN or NHS Innovations North (NIN).  As the site grows in size, we envisage many more case studies being offered by industry and the NHS locally for dissemination of their tested innovations.  In this way, the Innovation Exchange is a tool to support adoption within the innovation pathway lifecycle.

Innovations can be filtered as follows:

  • By sector – in hospital or out of hospital
  • By key benefit/impact – patient safety, quality and outcomes, and efficiency
  • By care group category, e.g. long term conditions
  • By care group sub-category, e.g. atrial fibrillation or diabetes.

Search for an innovation

For each innovation, there is a brief description and a link to a downloadable case study. Contact details of the lead inventor and lead support from the AHSN/NIN, where applicable, are included.  Please feel free to contact them for further information.