Dr Gillian Janes – Why Did I Join Q?

Written by Dr Gillian Janes on 20th June 2017

Having been involved in improving healthcare quality throughout my nursing career as a clinician, service manager and academic, applying to join the Q Founding Cohort was an obvious choice for me. Developed from the 5000 Safety Fellows idea, Q offered the opportunity to:

  • help design and be part of a connected community of people with diverse skills all seeking to enhance the quality of healthcare
  • influence and contribute to sustainable quality improvement at a national and regional level
  • support and learn from colleagues across the UK and beyond to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’
  • develop new networks and collaborations
  • support personal and sector-wide resilience
  • enhance my own knowledge and professional practice

I had previously enjoyed and gained substantial personal and professional benefit from working nationally with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement and hoped Q would provide a similar experience.

I have no doubt I made the right decision. Despite the inevitable challenges, Q has lived up to my expectations and more. As one of the first 3 regions leading its rollout nationally we now have a thriving and friendly Q group in the North East and Cumbria, which includes clinicians, managers, service user/carers and educators with plans to develop this further. Membership doesn’t involve any specific commitment as such so you can determine how and to what extent you are involved – I’d wholeheartedly recommend joining for anyone with an interest in or any level of experience of quality improvement.