North Health Science Alliance

Written by Seamus O'Neill on 1st April 2015

Creating a world-leading digital health sector is one of the Department of Health’s six priority areas as it contributes to economic growth. The integration of data across health sectors and with social care is a prerequisite for progress in improving care pathways and for making anonymised data available to healthcare providers, commissioners, policy makers and technology developers in a way that is safe, transparent and agreed by the citizens.

We are delighted to be part of a successful Northern Health Science Alliance* bid for £20m to start work on Connected Health Cities. These will be deliver integrated data sets across health and social care in four major city-regions across the North of England. The vision is for each of the four city-regions to establish a secure data repository which integrates health data across primary and secondary care and links to social care data so that care planning, commissioning and delivery might be better supported.

There is a lot of difficult work to be done to achieve this vision and it will require the buy-in of all those in the health and social care system as well as patients and the public. Ultimately, as citizens we have the right to a say in how the data that is held for our health and care is managed and used. If we can deliver a Connected Health City it will set us apart from the rest of the country in terms of how we commission and deliver care and potentially how we can attract businesses and grow jobs in the region as the wealth of data creates opportunities to develop new products and services.

Look out for the various stakeholder events that we will be running to gauge interest in this and establish the programmes of work. We are looking forward to contributing to this initiative and creating an asset for the region that is distinctive and transformative.

Please refer to the associated news item and press release for more details.


* About the Northern Health Science Alliance

The Northern Health Science Alliance Ltd (NHSA) is a partnership established by the leading Universities and NHS Hospital Trusts in the North of England to improve the health and wealth of the region by creating an internationally recognised life science and healthcare system. The company acts as focal point for NHSA members, including the four Academic Health Science Networks in the North of England and partner organisations to work collaboratively on projects that leverage the combined potential of the North. The NHSA supports its partners in working together to harness the resources, infrastructure, intellectual capital and experience of the whole Northern healthcare ecosystem.