Me and Q?

Written by Rachel Carter on 27th September 2017

Throughout my career, firstly in my clinical role as a Physiotherapist then in my strategic Falls Prevention Coordinator post, my main priority has always been to ensure the highest quality care is delivered to my patients. In my clinical role I was delivering the care and in my most recent post I have educated others to empower them to deliver high quality care.

The reason I applied to join Q was to develop these skills further as a quality improvement ‘expert’ which would enable me to help others on the ‘frontline’ to understand that quality and service improvement are part of day to day practice and that they shouldn’t be scared to engage with this. From a personal perspective I hope that being a Q member can help me to develop my own skills and enhance my expertise by engaging and creating a shared-learning collaborative across the wider Q network regionally and nationally.

To date, my experience of being a Q member has been very positive. I have been regularly informed of events and communications across the region. Locally, at a Trust level, the 23 Q members that we have in The Newcastle Hospitals have met and collaborated about how we see Q influencing our Quality Strategy within our organisation. I will definitely be encouraging others to sign up!