Dr Andrea Brown – Why Did I Join Q?

Written by Andrea Brown on 20th June 2017

Throughout my career, from scientific and clinical research through to business intelligence and information management, a common theme in my work has always been the use of data and information and how this translates into knowledge for improvement. I applied to join Q to enable me to share my existing knowledge, skills and experience with others and support other members in their programmes of work. At the same time I hope to gain the ability to refine my understanding and expertise further based on shared-learning, collaboration and feedback from others in the network who are experts in their field.

The Q community in the North East and Cumbria includes members from a wide range of backgrounds, providing a multidisciplinary and welcoming forum within which to share and reflect upon experience of participating in improvement work, and the achievements and lessons learned.  Although I am still a relatively new member of Q, I feel that I will definitely be able to make a positive contribution to the network and the wider aim of improving the quality of health and care across both the North East and Cumbria and the UK.