AHSN Stakeholder Survey 2016: publication of findings

Written by Seamus O'Neill on 20th November 2016


It is my great pleasure to introduce the results of the NHS England commissioned stakeholder survey for 2016. This is the second year that NHS England have commissioned YouGov to gauge the opinions of partners of the 15 AHSNs.

Over two hundred of you took the time to give us feedback. That’s more than three times the volume of return we had last year. Thank you to those who took part in the survey, we really do appreciate it.

To describe the AHSN NENC’s results as strong would be to understate things. There are 33 categories in which responses are measured. They cover a range of issues including perception of leadership, culture, effectiveness in support of collegiate working and industry engagement.

In both relative and absolute terms our returns are staggering. We have bettered our (excellent) results last year and, while trebling the volume of returns, are ahead of the national average in all 33 categories. In fact we are in the top third of AHSNs in every category and ahead of the national average in each by an average of 16 percentage points.

In addition, we achieved >90% favourable responses in six categories. Two very telling pieces of the survey are the questions on whether stakeholders believe the AHSN staff are helpful and knowledgeable. It is to the immense credit of the NENC team that stakeholders responded favourably 95% and 96% respectively on these categories. It is also indicative of the culture of service and support that we have been striving to achieve. Again, a big thank you to the team for their hard work and all-round professionalism.


We are creating a collaborative environment that is truly remarkable and spans health and social care, academia and industry. So we will not rest on our laurels. There are areas identified in the return around engagement, outreach and awareness of our plans in which we can do better. We will be looking hard at these as we do our business planning for the coming year.

All of our programmes are united by a desire to innovate and to see that innovation spread and adopted. In each area of our activity we seek to improve the care provided across the North East and North Cumbria and to support economic growth in the region. If you want to know more or see how you can contribute please do drop us a line or sign up for our newsletter (enquiries@ahsn-nenc.org.uk).

I’ll leave you to read the survey, but do so with my sincere thanks for your continued support and engagement with the AHSN NENC – the faith you have in us is truly humbling and we will do our very best to live up to it.


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