About Us

The Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria (AHSN NENC) is dedicated to improving healthcare, driving wealth creation and promoting research participation across the region.

The AHSN NENC is part of a national network of 15 AHSNs that have been set up across the country by the Department of Health to identify, adopt and disseminate innovative healthcare in the NHS.

The AHSN NENC has a core team of professional staff led by the CEO Dr Seamus O’Neill, based on the Campus for Ageing and Vitality in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The network includes a range of collaborating organisations from across the region, representing the health care sector, business and academia. The Network are collectively committed to improving both the health and economic prosperity of the region through innovation, research and the dissemination of knowledge, as well as the adoption of new and improved products and services.

The activities of the AHSN NENC in delivering against strategic priorities, is summarised in the AHSN NENC Impact Brochure 2016.

NHS England Commissioned YouGov survey (Autumn 2015) of our stakeholders showed that the AHSN NENC are:

  • Accessible (77%, national average 67%)
  • Responsive (82%, national average 67%)
  • Providing quality advice (74%, national average 65%)
  • Providing quality support (79%, national average 65%)
  • Knowledgeable of the local landscape (82%, national average 69%)
  • An organisation that facilitates collaboration across the sector (80%, national average 67%)